Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November meeting

Look! I'm posting relatively quickly after the meeting! Something must be wrong with me.

Anyway, here is our lovely show and tell for the month!

First up is Alma, who showed us her wonderful tree quilt. This was a Pinterest inspiration! And the names of her grandkids are embroidered on some of the circles. So awesome!

And she was published! Check her out on the back page of a magazine! (I can't remember which one it was -- as soon as someone reminds me, I'll update this post!)

Theresa, who shall hereafter be referred to as She Who Moves Very Quickly, made a couple of cute placemats.

She Who Moves Very Quickly also showed this cute flower tote.

She finally stood still long enough to show us this quilt top.

 Margot showed us a couple of small quilts which use the same fabrics in different configurations...

And a pencil/pen/crochet hook/what-have-you keeper.

And this cute pumpkin quilt...

...with a funky-pieced back!
And more bats! I may have shown you this one last month... I can't remember. Yes, I could look it up but it's cute enough to show again either way.

Sue showed us her nine-patch

 Linda showed us a very modern quilt. Great use of negative space!

Lily is working on a quilt-as-you-go project. She finished a lot of blocks at the Saturday sew-in, too!

Betty (who also moves quickly), showed us her map-inspired project. It depicts a mall with a "you are here" star.
The back even has a NYC map on it!

Betty also made this huge wedding quilt out of half-square triangles. It's great!

And the backing fabric is to die for. And I love how she incorporated the names and wedding date into the backing. She said it took her just about as long to make the letter blocks as it did the front. I believe it!

Becky was inspired by our English paper piecing hexagons and made this big hexie quilt!


 Happy sewing!
- Cheryl

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