Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May meeting

The date for our May meeting is coming up! It will be Friday, May 20th at Quilter's Corner in Midlothian. We'll start gathering at about 6 pm, with the official meeting starting at about 6:30.

If you're new to our group, welcome! We'd love to have you join us!

What to bring? Well, there's always time for show and tell and snacks! And I will be doing a demo on English Paper Piecing. If you like to have a little hand work to do while watching TV, this is a great one. It's an old technique that can really be made modern with fabric choices. I'll have some supplies if you want to try it out, but if you would like to try it with your fabrics instead of mine, that's okay with me! We'll be using fabric (scraps are fine -- at least 2 inches square should do the trick), scissors, a hand needle and thread to match your fabric.


  1. I love this method and have show and tell that uses it. If you want some help with the demo, let me know. I'm happy to ffer any advice and expertise (which I have lots of, considering I hand-pieced a twin size quilt using this method).

  2. Sure, Jennifer! If you have samples, I'd love to have you share them, too. And show and tell, of course! I'm amazed that you did an entire twin sized quilt -- do you have it or did you give it away? I've only recently picked up the method so any advice you have is greatly appreciated. And you can do the demo with me if you want. :-) -- cheryl

  3. I still have the quilt and I will most definitely bring it. I will also bring my supplies, my favorite thread, etc.

    Being a teacher, I have some ideas about how to do a demo. After all, I demo to children all day long. Can I email you?