Saturday, April 30, 2011

1st Official Swap!!!!!!!!!!!

The first Official/or not so much ('cause that's the kinda' gals we are!!!!!) Richmond Modern Quilt Guild Swap
and the crowd roars, YIIIIIIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!
So, for our very first swap, I wanted to kinda' ease into the whole thing and decided that Post Cards would fill the bill nicely and the rules (remember, we have NONE!) are uber simple so won't everyone get their creative feet wet and start our swaps on a high note and simply come and play along?????? Dimensions - 4" x 6", quantity - 6 would be simply lovely, techniques - any and all, mediums - any and all as well and I DO MEAN any, whether it be paper, fiber, metal, dimensional, transparent, hey, hows' 'bout fabric???? WOO-HOO bigtime, EVERYTHING and ALL THINGS are welcome, please prepare whatever you wish to share with the group and let's blow a few brain cells, otay???? Bring them with you to the June meeting in a plain brown wrapper, tutu funny, with your name on the parcel and I will collect and then redistribute them at the July meeting, how's that????? I will also get some samples to Cheryl to post on the blog and bring some in May just for a looks-see and please feel free to bring along some of your own for everyone to enjoy. I for one am super-duper excited and can't wait to have six treasured bits from my newest and most MOD pals, perhaps in the future we could work this concept into an auction, silent or not to help raise funds once we get an incredibly super instructor in our sights or to even help offset a simply fab road trip, oh my gawsh, the possibilities are endless.................. Can't wait to see you all in May,

your ever lovin' Pres., Catherine Etter


  1. Hello,
    So I'm just wondering... Is it rude or against the 'rules' if a person would rather not make these cards for the swap? I've just never been particularly interested in personally making these. I mean no offense - I just have a lot of other things to work on... Just wanted to see if that'd be a problem. I can't wait to see what other people make though!

  2. Hi Kristal!

    Everything is optional -- we want this to be fun, not stressful! There are some things that will appeal to some more than others and that's completely okay.


  3. Thank you for the response (and honesty) Cheryl! I'm looking forward to the next meeting (I'll bring my check book to join)!