Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Round Robin!

RMQG January 2012 Challenge/Exchange

THE word, YOUR word

Come up with a word -- a single, descriptive word -- that will help you define your dreams, goals, and aspirations for the year 2012.

This word will form the foundation of your center block, both figuratively and literally. Your block should measure 11" x 14" and should contain your written word but also images and graphics that further illustrate your word, e.g., growth could be represented by a seedling, a child's measurement chart, a city map, etc.

When the block is passed, the group member will add two 6" x 14" strips to either side of the center block, once again building on the word itself and the images it evokes. The main block is due at the February meeting. We will pass projects four times with the blocks being returned and revealed in June.

The completed piece will make for a lovely table runner, wall decor, the beginning of an even larger effort, or wherever you like -- your choice! Finishing it in June will allow for the projects to be developed at your leisure over hte summer and returned to the group for a future show and tell -- what fun!

There will be a check out log for the blocks each month so that we will always be able to track the location of a block at any given time. Please continue to be considerate of other participants by either delivering your block each month or sending it in with another member or guest.

Thank you all so much for your wondrous support in this effort and keep coming up with those beautiful creations that make all our members simply beam with delight!

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